Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three of my favorite things. 1.Jesus. 2.Wigs. 3.Theatre. so basically, this is perfect.

Tomorrow I will:
In one year I will:
In five years I will:
In ten years I will:

I make plans for myself ALL the time. Do I accomplish them all; no. Do I change my mind often; yes.

However, it seems that when I start to plan out my life and do things my own way, God is going to laugh and say "no Courtney, give it to me and I will plan it for you."
If you're reading this then you probably know me and if you know me then you definitely know that I am spontaneous and my plan is to try to not have a plan.
that plan of mine fails every time. 

Recently I decided that I was going to quit my job and move because I hated where I lived, I wanted something new and I knew that I could make it on my own.
Well.....being on my own means out of my parents and into my grandparents; it's a start though.

Trying to be optimistic, I just knew that I would have a job as soon as the Beauty and the Beast run was over and I could go straight to work.Well, that didn't happen  and I was tired of waiting on God; I was a little worried that I made a horrible mistake moving and I  ruined everything by sitting around everyday for almost three weeks.
I had applied for my dream job at a theatre to do wigs and wardrobe however, I got a phone call and the job had already been filled and did not need anyone else. That was NOT what I wanted to hear because MY plan was not working and MY plan was not on track with God's plan.
I woke up a few morning's later with a feeling of peace and I knew that something good was going to happen, it was as if I really had given it up to God. That same day I got a phone call from the Sight and Sound Theatre (dream job) and the girl they hired had quit before she even started and I had an interview that very week. I got hired a few days later and they raved about how they were so happy about God opening up the door for me because I had the skills I needed.
God thing? YES! God's Plan? YES!
Had I not trusted in him completely, I may not have this wonderful job.
We start out our days praying together and the women I work with are such a joy to be around. I can't imagine why God is favoring me at 19 years old to be so blessed.
I can get off track easily (as you can tell by my blog absence of a month or so) but, being surrounded by so many people with common interests, beliefs, and values is not something you come across often and I am taking this day by day and enjoying every second of it.

Thank you God.
Psalms 4:7.

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