Friday, September 24, 2010


This past Sunday at church we talked about being the sermon and not just listening to it. Changing the church from lectures and listeners to teachers and learners; that would really take our relationship with God to the next level. Here is what I got from the sermon:

A project you want to do this year is to re-decorate the living room; walls, furniture, decor, etc. So you go to the store to pick out and buy everything you need for your new project. The things you buy are beautiful and exactly what you needed and you are SO excited to start this new project and change your living room. However, when you get home you set all of your new buys in the corner and leave them there. Days become weeks and you pass buy all of the beautiful colors of fabrics and paints but then go on your way again. If you just leave it all in the floor, will your living room ever be re-decorated and the challenge you gave yourself for change ever be completed?

Put this scenario into your life but the re-decorating isn't on your living room, it is on YOU and your not going to the store, you're going to church. The way the supplies got left in the corner and forgotten is exactly what we're doing with the sermons we hear; we listen and do not put them into action. If we want our life to change so badly, we cannot expect others to do the work for us; we must BE the sermon.

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