Sunday, March 28, 2010

worthless or worthy?

It amazes me how many people do not believe in God, they think we are just here on this earth by chance. I get it because that is definetly an easy way to live, no worries or concequences; just living the life. I suppose going day by day believing in nothing is easy because you can never let anyone down and it would be okay to make mistakes because it wouldn't matter what happens after your life is over on earth.

However, I have chosen a life out of normality, I want to believe that my life was thought of before I was here and that every part of me, good and bad, is not by chance but in fact a very important aspect of God's creations. I choose to trust that the fact trees create oxygen and flowers can pull water up from the ground is not just a "cool" thing but it is in fact a beautiful part of what God has given us. Being a christian today is not easy especially when it is the "in" thing to believe that there is no God.; that makes me feel very insignificant and worthless to think I am here by chance.
We are important though and worthy to be thought of, every strand of hair and every thought in our mind was known long before we were here. I choose to trust that I am NOT a mere incident. I choose to trust that there IS a wonderful, loving God. I choose to stand up and give praise in all that I do because this life is precious; so very precious.

Thank you Jesus for loving me when I am so unlovely.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I feel as if my relationships revolve around texting conversations. If it is telling my mom what I am doing or having an important conversation with a friend; it seems easier to do it with a simple text.

I think about most of my friendships often; [the ones that failed in a week and the friendships that I will cherish forever] I realize that these friendships would mean so much more if I just took time to call them up to see how they are or invited them to lunch to chat. Having a real coversation with a person can mean more, even if it is just one time, than any text will. Real talk, face to face.

I also think about my relationship with God and I realize that for so many years I was "texting" him. Just having a short conversation while I was busy doing something else. I never gave him my full attention, which is what he asks from us. God always hears us, every little prayer we think and I believe he does answer them. However, I struggle with giving him only a piece of my life and talk to him when I need help. My challenge to myself is to not just pray to God but to talk to him, tell him about my day [the good and bad] and I know that my relationship will grow stronger just because intimate conversation is needed in any relationship.

{1 Kings 9:3}

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bring back the son, please!

Why is it that on the first day of spring we get more snow than we did in winter. We are yearning for some sort of sunlight and warmth in our life and we beg our God to give us the flowers and beautiful trees but instead we get a foot of snow. He definetly has a sense of humor. 

As I sit and think about the weather changes, it reminds me of my own life. I struggle with the thoughts the devil puts in my life; feeling so cold and alone and I realize, God is wanting me to cry out for the "Son". I complain all the time about the temperature or the rain but do I realize that my life is flooding with negative thoughts. To get sunshine you have to embrace the cold, gross times in your life to truly be thankful for all of the good, warm blessing our powerful God gives us.

I went to a bonfire this past week and looking around at this group of young adults singing to God and worshiping together just melted my cold heart, I feel so much love and acceptance with my new group of friends. They don't know a whole lot about me, but i will never be able to thank them enough for the feeling they have given me. I have searched for the "Son" and I believe that I have finally found him and have relationships to hold me accountable to get though the rocky, rainy parts of my messy life.

"If you change the way you think about things; The things you think about will change."