Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I tend to be pretty bad about waiting to eat until my stomache is growling. Not just little noises but it sounds like a lion. Not very cute to be honest.
When I get this way, I do not eat the right portions, instead, I devour anything I can because I want that simple satisfaction of being full. In the long run all I really have to show for it is still being hungry and a few extra pounds. However, if we eat right and exercise, we will be fit and feeling better than ever.
If I relate this to my christian walk, it makes perfect sense to me, I wait and wait until I NEED God. I don't worship him everyday; all day. When I feel the passion to know him more, I am really on fire for him and live my life full out to how he would have me but when that fades away, I go through the same "growling affect." All I have to show for that is a lost relationship and feeling emptier than I did before.
It is time that we live our life for God, every day. Of course we will slip up and make mistakes but, if we strive to reach that goal of a strong relationship, that is all God really wants from us. I am hungry to know his word. I am ready to "get in shape."

Proverbs 13:4
The appetite of the lazy craves and gets nothing, while the appetite of the diligent is richly supplied.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bottle of water.

There are three bottles of water on my night stand. Wasteful; yes. Blog worthy; no doubt.
Looking at the three bottles, they appear to be the same, I am actually struggling to find significant differences between the three. I can see exactly how much is in them and what it is that is consuming the bottle and as I look a little closer, I now realize that they all have the same amount of water as well.
Even though the brand, liquid, and amount are all the same, one of them is a little colder; which is obviously more refreshing.  Such a small difference, that perhaps over time wouldn't matter as much, however, I am drawn to the bottle of water.
What I am getting to is that we are all kind of like bottles of water on God's night stand. He knows us inside and out and can see how full we really are. For other's it may be impossible to see just one stand out, however, we are drawn to the things that refresh us. If we stay in God's word and are filled with his glory, we will be refeshing and will stand out even in a crowd of similarities.

Jesus Christ will fill your lives with everything that God's approval produces. Your lives will then bring glory and praise to God.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I realized today how incredibly selfish I am.
I didn't have a very good day, but I know it could have been worse. I fell into the trap of "please, pity me" and forgot to notice all of the good that did happen.
Work in general for me is tough, I am human and would rather hang out all day rather than work. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and what I do, however, I am easily discouraged because I can think of a million fun things I would rather do. To elaborate, some harsh words were said today and I was over it, I was mad and pouting; I wanted to give up. I chose to let satan put those words in my mind; that was his exact plan.
While I was fretting about my bad day, two of my friends were also having bad days, I got in an argument with my mom, and I didn't make any room for God in my angry heart.
I decided to pray before heading home from work, to calm me down a bit and when I did it hit me; I am SO selfish. I would rather talk about myself than listen. Rather do what I want than follow. There is absolutely nothing cool about that at all.
I am hurting for my friends right now and I feel horrible because they waited all day to talk to me about what is going on because of my bad day. A stupid bad day got in the way of listening to my dear friends hurts. A bad day got in the way of my momma and I's relationship. Reality check to Courtney, life isn't as bad as one day can make it seem.
Why are so many people scared of the dark? It is because of the things that happen in the dark. Why are we so afraid to get into low points in our lives? It is because satan can get ahold of our hearts and minds during those dark times.
Flashlight at night; God is our light.

God is in control, I gotta give myself to him, It is NOT about me anymore. Help me make it about YOU!