Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stand in AWE

I spent the weekend with my best friends and I must say, my friends do so much good for my heart! At times, I will find myself yearning to be with them but, distance keeps us apart. When we get together though, it is as if we have never been separate and that to me is the best kind of friendship.
Friendship is about being real and open about everything and laughing about nothing.
I think that our relationship with Christ should pretty much be the same as with our best friends. We should yearn for him and want to talk to him for hours; being close even with distance. Why is it though that we would rather talk to a stranger than talk to our creator. Shouldn't we be in awe of him rather than the reality television shows? We idolize everything in this world and all our God wants I just some time with us.
The next time we find ourselves getting upset over a football game or in stuck in traffic, we should ask ourselves if we would be that upset if a person put down God. 
What is really important in this life?

Psalm 8: o lord how majestic is your name in all the earth

Thank you friends for reminding me how good God truly is.

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